According to the title Never on a Sunday, I come to the conclusion that this cache would be best tackled on any other day. Since we were in Whyalla for other reasons and this being a Tuesday, we decided to have a crack at it. So in 46 degree heat, I was “volunteered” to scout around and find it while everyone else stayed in the cool car. I can tell you now, that a fair few rocks were displaced and replaced, which made the fluids literally pour out from my skin, before I finally came up with the goods. Very sneaky making this look like it is part of the bench. There is another one like this in Cowell which is made from a larger size.  I signed the log, took a few snap shots and then high tailed it back to the car.

Never on a Sunday0001

The Wife then suggested that since that one was so easy (yeah, well I didn’t see you out there in the heat scratching around looking for it, “that’s because someone had to stay with the car in case there were car jackers around”, what the hell is the alarm and locking system for then? “they were part of the deal and anyway you can’t rely on them”), we might as well have a go at Do it by halves. We had worked this one out on my Garmin Mapsource program and had entered the final co-ordinates directly into the GPS. So using these we pulled up at the GZ. Surprise, surprise, it wasn’t far from the only place a cache could be hidden. A tree. It looked like a fair bit of cleaning had been done here recently and we weren’t real positive that we would find the cache. Well, with all hands on deck (the shade of the tree must have been encouragement enough, although it must have dropped the temperature by a whole 1/2 a degree, or it might have been my scathing remarks that kicked them into action), searching every nook and cranny, I eventually found the cache very neatly hidden at the base of the trunk.

Do it by halves0001

Several weeks later, we were on our way back to Whyalla to see the Monster Trucks. C7 is a VERY BIG fan and he had received tickets to them for his birthday. As we were running a little early I suggested we do a cache on the way in. Pete’s Path seemed as good a cache as any. The Wife had also activated her own TB, My Other Car’s a Mercedes Benz, the night before and was eager to send it on its travels. So following directions from the GPS we headed off in the general direction. It wasn’t long before I was at logger heads with it, and I near threw it out the window, when we ended in some dug out hole with no way out except the way we came in. So a quick u-turn and then i followed my nose. Wasn’t far to the right road and we were on our way again. We arrived at the parking spot and then walked to the GZ. Lovely day for a walk, placed the TB, then walked all the way along the path back to the car and returned to the highway the easy way. C7 was now happiest as we were on our way to the monster trucks.


It was only a week later, while we were once again in Whyalla, that we decided to clean up the last cache for us to find. Catapult had proved once that it may become a problem cache. On that day it had been 44 degrees in the water bottle, much the same as it was this time. Once again we ventured forth and located GZ. It seemed like only a few minutes before I found the cache under the ONLY tree that H10 and I hadn’t searched the first time. So it was a quick signing of the log and back to the air conditioned car to cool down. We had cleaned Whyalla out and didn’t have to bring our caching gear with us anymore. Well until there are some more caches to be found anyway.